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International Research Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences (IRJNAS)
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  • Temur Z. Kalanov

The critical analysis of the foundations of cosmology is proposed. The unity of formal logic and rational dialectics is the correct methodological basis for the analysis. The main results of the analysis are as follows: (1) the Hubble law represents the formal-logical error because the Hubble formula contradicts to the correct definition of the speed of motion of the material object; (2) the Doppler effect represents the physical error because the speed of motion of the photon does not depend on the speed of motion of the radiating atom. The correct explanation of the red shift is that the frequency shift of the radiation is the result of a shift in the energy spectrum of the radiating atom; (3) the theory of “hot” Universe represents the physical error because the Universe is the “cold” Universe at any point of time. The correct explanation is that the background radiation is described by the Planck function (Planck's formula). The Planck function (Planck's formula) characterizes

  • Evaluation of the Efficacy of Mosquito Treated net in the prevalence of Malaria in Giri Village Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria

  • Azare B.A., Gimba U.N and Adamu Z.I

The study is to look at an evaluation of efficacy of mosquito treated net in the prevalence of malaria in Giri village. 60 respondents were selected for the study through the simple use of sampling random techniques. In the analysis of data collected from the field of study, the following findings were discovered: that 28 respondents (46.7%) reported that they use treated bed nets while 32 respondents (53.3%) said they did not use treated bed nets. The study therefore, recommended that the government should involve member of the community especially leaders in all the process of prevention that are built on net-use. Government and Non-Governmental Organizations should make sure more people use the bed nets as access to nets alone does not translate into effective net use. Community members are better positioned to dispel misconceptions about bed nets, assist in net installation, and monitor usage. This is in line with the community-directed intervention (CDI) strategy, widely acknowledged as useful in the delivery of health care in African countries.

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